Saturday, August 23, 2008

Brazilian Wax Uncenserd


I would like to discuss briefly the case of a man who decided to die because of his physical condition.
I'm talking about John Cloud, who died July 23, 2007 and suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which colpise motor neurons of the spinal cord, still with no cure.
ALS leads to progressive paralysis of the limbs and around the mouthparts, with inability to speak or swallow ... terificante is a disease, not kill or rather does not give injury to the brain, but leaves the patient conscious of himself and of his state, by turning in a sarcophagus crporeo that forces the patient to watch helplessly as the world around him pointing out what has become a shadow of what it was.
Nuvoli in this state of suffering has repeatedly stated with extreme clarity of his desire to stop suffering, to stop with the useless obstinacy vitaartificialmente keeping him in the end decided to mass deaths by refusing food since July 16. .. was forced to let himself die of starvation. A
semba you die with dignity?
Unfortunately, this was the only way to stop the intolerable suffering to which he was forced for years.
these facts, there would be a solution, apart from an embarrassing lack of legislation, it is called living will or advance statement of intent, but also something so simple Italy to become law in late ... we would have to think about it.
already, because unfortunately there is an element in the Christian religion that justifies such acts: the suffering (of others) that is elevated spiritually, strengthen the spirit, blessed are those who suffer ... but why?
sure that we are seriously suffering is good? According
religion purifies the pain, there are still asprissime resistance from the ecclesiastical caste to epidural anesthesia during childbirth, a birth without pain ... Imagine how nice it would be if the day Cheun considered among the most beautiful woman dellasua life was not tortured by excruciating pain of childbirth!
the fact is that they are opposed even palliative care ... this gives a lot to reflect, too, but neither the people nor the state or move from the best stir lethargic stupor of indifference ... This is because until it happens to us in person we care little, but when we are victims èormai too late and we are enmeshed in a system of Shortcomings legislation that moves us to suffer the starvation of the company. A state civil
SHOULD provide its citizens with all the alternatives of choice dictated by ethics and not impose one religion or worse.
in Italy you can not choose to avoid unnecessary medical treatment avoiding death, mind you that the issue is much broader, but who would support the life of this death cult accused of murder ... when it would be just plain and simple common sense.
according to those who are celebrating life, like clouds or sick Welby would have survived much longer without such brutal actions in the moral point of view, who have manipulated to make the right choice
death ... that is, that life does not belong and do not have the right to terminate it.
But the clouds had declared that he had no plans to continue living that way, that is not life, is a physical torture and psychological even more brutally.
Patients requiring this practice is not campaigning in favor of euthanasia, do not want to be manipulated just want to stop suffering psychologically seeing in that state.
Therefore the law should provide all possible alternatives, then the possibility of euthanasia, and not just for charity.
The trouble is they have no voice, they all feel, no one listens to them, than when you talk about on TV, people change the channel because elisa is more interesting, let's face it, we Italians are always very careful indeed very arrogant in the vital social issues, it is easier to manipulate us by religion or chichessia, while not having to use our neurons, too tiring ... the best football game! Need
that politics stops being handmaid of religion and start thinking seriously about the regulations also stipulate that these rights is that Italians are involved and informed, not brainwashed, so that they can express their views in full consciousness.

If my life were to be impaired by an incurable disease that forces me into a motionless body and suffering I could not feel more nor joy, nor love, but anger and resentment.
When the church through one of its bishops said in a television broadcast Piergiorgio Welby's wife that she had not given her enough love, I froze the blood, I felt a thrill!
How can you accuse and condemn a person left the bedside of his partner for 10 years seeing him get worse day by day, who gave everything for him, was not to be his neighbor?
veiled hypocrisy of false respectability of these people is chilling.

There are doctors who prefer to argue for a doctor to refuse to carry out the wishes of the patient would be far from common sense, anyone is free to choose what it considers right for himself and his life, no one should have the right to daring to utter a word about that other person, pecial if it comes from the dictates of a religious doctrine, rather than by simple reason.
yet ...
not be expected in a Mircoli, not a solution, but only a subterfuge, an illusion or as many see it, un'inganno. Let

a last note:
fight too often with people who talk so much about euthanasia, inappropriately and condemn without ever having understood what they're talking about, many are even convinced that it is a suppression of the sick for free and indiscriminate.
Euthanasia in fact nothing other than helping to end the lives of those in full possession of his mental faculties does not want to live because to live is a torture, but physically not able to implement your desire.
short to end the suffering of a human being with dignity and respect for his wishes. There is
wonder if an animal is removed even if it is fully treatable, they say it is to stop him to suffer, but then why a man desperately seeking to stop suffering is to be sentenced to his suffering?


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