Friday, February 13, 2009

Lincoln Full Body Wax

You need a scroll?

If you need to insert a scrolling text on your blog you can use the following HTML CODE that you must enter blog in the first opening layout and then through the 'add a gadget "and selecting HTML / JavaScript .
code for technical reasons will be sent via e-mail with the next newsletter so you must subscribe to receive
How to change the code:
Text direction
< marquee direction = "left " flow on right to left
< marquee direction = " right " flow on left to right
< marquee direction = "up" flow from bottom to 'high
< marquee direction = " down " flow from' top to bottom
size and character of the text
"font- size: 25 pt ; font-family : vivian regular ; The code covers the text size (, 25 pt ) simply increase or decrease this level to change the size the letters and the font of the text (font-family : vivian regular ;) can be changed (eg . Arial ) just look out for names characters such as Office or with any program with the possibility to change font.
Color and velocirà scroll
color: # FFFFFF " scrollamount =" 10 "bgcolor =" # FF 0000 "
color: # FFFFFF "is the color of the text
scrollamount =" 10 "is the scrolling speed
bgcolor =" # 0000 FF "is the background color of scroll


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