Monday, January 31, 2011

Exhibition Invitation Letter

Mission accomplished, the excellent work of this session, the market has rectified all requirements that occurred during the season, a sincere good luck to players who have left temporarily or permanently, the beloved and a welcome with the hope of getting together with many successes to new purchases.

Here are the final hours of the Italian transfer market followed in real time ....
Inter following a left-back and tries to place the loan in Santon
at 19.00 the market is closed and Schelotto Berghessio to Catania to Naples Mascara. Inter
Nagatomo (coming of the transfer), Santon on loan at Cesena.

ore18.50 This formula was needed to circumvent the bureaucracy that was threatening to blow up the deal, in the next few minutes / hours there will be further details

18.45 seems an exchange of loans made Nagatomo / Santon, we await the official statements of the two clubs

18:40 hours Castaignos-Inter, the Feyenord formalizes the passage of the peak in June; Official Matri- Juve loan repurchase to 15 million + half Ariaudo; Catania assault Schelotto, last-minute fire-back Inter ...

ore18.25 Nagatomo A few minutes ago came in here, but still doubts about the treaty, is again on the agenda Mariga, we believe that the blog will move only towards Santon romagna

Cavanda 18.10 hrs arrival from Lazio in Turin; Rivas official on loan to Ukrainian Dnipro; Carroll to replace Torres at Liverpool; Mascara goes to Naples, stepping up the tempo to get the documentation for Nagatomo. 17:37 hours

Super Tottenham bid for Pepito Rossi 37mln euro, remember that the market in England was closed at 23.00; Brescia takes Accardi (Sampdoria) in loan negotiations Ariaudo in Matri-Juventus; Skip Dominguez-Juve! that is to close to 17:18 hours Matri

seems to have decided to accept the loan at Santon Cesena, negotiation for Nagatomo that starts at 17:13 hours closing

Felipe (Fiorentina) on loan at Cesena, is talk of a return to Suazo Cagliari;
A quick news on Nagatomo

at 17.00 Official Gonzales (Novara) from June to Palermo, Amauri on loan at Parma-Napoli Mascara near the signature; Matri - Juve last details

16:40 Robbie Keane on loan at West Ham, Cappellini-Cagliari Fiorentina ownership Barreto 4.5 million; Martinez (Brescia) loan at Sampdoria, Samp on Corradi, Parma on Brandao;
is complicated exchange-Foggia Blasi

16:25 hours The left Lodi to Catania; Banner at Pisa;
market stalled pending the final barrels; Inter-Nagatomo: trying to find the document of the future redemption of the company Cesena Japan

16:10 hours we Fiorentina-Barreto, medical short
Inter-back, check the name of Gobbi

hours Caputo at 15:59 Bari gave Siena Renewal Aguero Atletico Madrid until 2014

Officer Suarez at 15:45 - Liverpool based on 26 million; Official Muntari - Sunderland;
Genoa took the 19 year old Rodriguez (Uruguay), Napoli continues pressing on Mascara;
Fiorentina on Barreto (Bari)
red tape for Nagatomo: missing a document from the Japanese league, you should resolve all

at 15.35 Palermo - you Paolucci, Amauri close to Parma
Santon in place and Thin is also in negotiations Mariga or Obi, that Inter can also look at a midfielder?

hours 15:22 Chelsea-Torres agreement if the Liverpool given the OK to close
Nagatomo to sign with Inter Milan, Mariga not enter into any negotiation

unleashed at 15:15 Juve also close to loan Amauri Matri in the Parma-Napoli Lazio is still debated the Blasi exchange-Foggia, C. Zanetti
Nwanko to Brescia on loan at Parma, Inter parallel negotiations Nagatomo / Criscito

ore15.05 Juve-Dominguez (Valencia) closes; Napoli-Inter Matavz farther
- Nagatomo there are the names of Obi and Santon Mariga

at 15.00 Here are the latest contracts deposited alloy
Data transfer Team Target Player Name team from Transfer type
31/01/2011 Bari Serrano Gonzalez Granda Jaime Varese Final
31/01/2011 Brescia Tedoldi Andrea Montichiari Temporary
31/01/2011 Genoa Mysenbelliu Fatmir Bari Final
31/01/2011 Genoa Matteo D'Alessandro Reggiana Return loan
31/01/2011 Lazio Moscati Leronzo Tor Sapienza Temporary
31/01/2011 Milan Nicola Legrottaglie Juventus Final
31/01/2011 Naples Massimiliano Ammendola Aversa Normanna Return loan
31/01/2011 Palermo Michel Morganella Novara Return loan
31/01/2011 Palermo Ujkani Samir Novara Return loan
31/01/2011 Palermo Gonzalez Pablo Andres Novara Final
31/01/2011 Parma Mastrelli Valerio Campobasso Final
31/01/2011 Parma Jose Carlos Terron Terrassa Temporary
31/01/2011 Sampdoria Celjak Vedran Zagreb Final


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