Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Allow me! Pleated & Wounds the transfer market. SOS

There are seasons that seem marked the first official start of the seasons that are born under a star off, that let you ponder the meaning of an important victory and the value that this can have on public opinion.
Much of the success of a football season will be outlined during the period of the sale of players, the so-called transfers.
Like any market there are no written rules but also the unwritten rules the result of the conduct of the various protagonists share of transfers: Some offers
, who tries and according to the movements of these two parties are agreements that satisfy both the first and the second, otherwise you do not reach an agreement and there would be no exchange.
In the world of football merchandise, personified by players, does not in form but passive in an active form, as shown by the players el prosecutor outlined the progress of negotiations evading all forms of written rules, the players often through statements, attitudes and performance drive the future by increasing or decreasing its value.
Reflecting on the last sessions of transfers that have raised the prices the company's AC Milan (which was not entirely successful arbitrage with "suspicious" and calendars manipulated), some doubts remain about the various behaviors of the protagonists of the negotiations that led to the Rossoneri a dozen players with a minimum outlay compared to its value, here is a "short list" is puzzling:

-Amelia : free loan from Genoa company with the right of redemption and not specified to be exercised at the end of the season.

°, but never as young and relatively goalkeeper Amelia in the lap of the national team leaves Genoa and his jersey holder to land in Milan to take the second to Abbiati. Why Precious always reluctant to devalue their players from leaving the world champion in 2006 with the formula that does not provide no financial return and with no technical certainty. (Amelia was replaced by Eduardo than half the current season will be set aside after an incredible series of "hat") -

-Papastathopulos: sold outright from Genoa to the ownership of Oduamadi, Strasser, Zigoni.

° Why Genoa leaves from the young defender Sokratis greek Papastathopulos and author of best seasons in club Ligurian without any monetary compensation but for the joint ownership of three players of dubious value technical and economic.

- Boateng: Purchased from Genoa and shot straight to Milan before announcing a loan with the right to purchase and subsequently declared a acquisition cost of the Rossoneri.

° close the chapter with this Precious-Milan is in effect a masterpiece worthy of the best Picasso. Leaving aside the limited clarity in the negotiations include a few letters in the conduct of the President of the Griffin one that by all accounts it to him ... not you ... it happens when you try to sell a player not giving up a single cent, just remember 45 million (overall assessment) for Milito and Motta, the 12 million for the second half of frogs and other good deals that created the myth of King Precious market.

- Yepes: € 0 purchased after the expiration of the contract with Chievo Verona.

-Ibrahimovic free loan with the right to repurchase to 24 million

° With Ibra inaugurating the vein Raiola, the boat after only one year is forced to sell Ibrahimovic to Milan for a pittance considering the immense value of the athlete and amount paid only 12 months earlier by the Catalan club. No to an auction that would set off all the big European !!!... why ???... starts to expand the smell of rotten.

- Robinho: bought outright from Manchester City for 18 mln.

° After the transfer of Ibrahim, the prosecutor Mino Raiola breaks in the negotiations of the Rossoneri, just days after the arrival here of the Swedish port of the Brazilian central player in the global shipping carioca South Africans who come from the "citizens" for half the amount with which he bought from Real.

- Cassano: 0 cost € 5 million of the clause to be paid to Real is divided intre from AC Milan and Sampdoria Cassano.

° After the lawsuit that led to the breaking talent Bari of faith and the president Garrone Inter, AC Milan takes advantage of the situation and ensures that the Italian national.

-Emanuelson: a player out of contract with Ajax, a small compensation for the early arrival.

° The couple Galliani - Raiola scored another coup, the left side Dutch is the first blocked for the upcoming season as out of contract and pay a small amount unspecified, its arrival is anticipated dall'Ajax of 6 months.

-Van Bommel: Price € 0 °

Raiola as once again the role of the manager and leads AC Milan at the court of Allegri another important piece to the rest of the season without paying money into the coffers of Bavaria.

There once was a team that controlled the European and Italian market, and prosecutors manipulated players, took advantage of the problems between players and companies (and in some cases created them advising players what to do for free) to to score hits the market ... This team was
Juventus, Luciano Moggi of Juventus ...


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