Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ideas For Hair Salon Cakes

Shopping by Kiko

Here I am, back from a long and tiring afternoon of shopping in the city:) I went to Looking for some little thought to the boyfriend's birthday, past the square in Kiko Cordusio I could not get e. .. surprise, surprise, the line of false eyelashes Gold Chrismas were on sale for 4.90! I had spotted as soon as I had gone out but paying a couple of lashes was out of € 11.10! Now they're mine and 5 euro seems a fair price for a pair of false eyelashes. What do you say?
I took advantage and I wanted to try the lip base (price 5.90) \u200b\u200band nude lipstick n.200 collection of Red Emotion (price 6.90). I will let you know, meanwhile I leave you with the Fotina purchases.

It seems fair to say that the lashes were a gift from my sister who came to walk with me. As we walked away in Turin we have seen that Kiko will soon open a store there too. We hope to be a bit 'bigger than the streets and provided Cordusio.

thanks to his sister for a pleasant afternoon.


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