Monday, February 14, 2011

Sample Letter For Lot Lease Offer

February 2011

How to participate:
1) be registered in the channel MakeUPgrades .
2) follow this blog, you need to register click HERE or click "Follow" you find in the left column of the blog. There servorà a google account or twitter.
3) add the video as a favorite on youtube
4) allowed a maximum of 2 comments with the only written ENTER ME

Comments must be left under the following video, you need to open the video on youtube please! To do this simply click on the "YouTube" on the bottom right.

Deadlines: The
giveway 14febbraio begins and ends 14marzo. The March 15 will no longer leave comments below the video.

- 2
China Glaze enamels - Enamel
LAYLA - Drier essence
- Fondotinda
Prestige Cosmetics - Prestige Cosmetics Eyebrow Matitti
- Prestige Cosmetics Eyeshadow
Eyeshadow - Prestige Cosmetics Lipgloss
elf blush brush - eyeshadow Sample Blue Lagoon Snow Makeup

Methods of extraction:
The draw will take place on the site . Max a winner.

What will you do if you're the winner:
I negotiate for you to email and share your information: name, address (with street number, zip code and province ). I will send you the prize with standard mail, the costs are at my expense. If you want to receive drawn with the parcel post costs will be borne by the winner. I do not send overseas.
If the winner refuses the prize or not communicating the data within 5days perform a new drawing.
I would ask the winner to tell me then thanks the receipt of the package.

If you want to ask something contact me in private, about facebook or below this post, NOT below the video.
- Why I ask you to be registered in the channel and the blog? Why in this way, all participants are on an equal footing in order to avoid that one can think that there are preferences for members.
- Why add to Favorites? Why in this way does not run the risk of making a draw on only 10 participants registered on or just below the channel. The giveway is open to all and adding a favorite video you get some sort of word of mouth.
- Why a maximum of 2 comments? First to allow all to have the same chance of winning and to facilitate the extraction secundis:)
- ENTER Why ME? For convenience my when I go to extract. If you leave a comment without the words enter my remarks will not be considered valid.
- I leave all 2 comments now? Yes, as you prefer, you can issue one after another or one a day and the second on the last day etc. ..
- And if I leave more than two comments? I will check that the winner has left at the two comments, he has published more than two will make a second extraction to find the diligent participant.
- Can not subscribe to the blog? You'll probably need a twitter or google account to complete registration.


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